The Ridgeback is an easy-care dog. His smooth coat, which comes in shades of tan and red, sheds, but his grooming needs are minimal. A quick weekly brush and occasional bath, as well as regular nail trims and teeth brushing, are all he needs. Keep his hanging ears clean and dry, and seek veterinary attention for itching, redness or discharge, or if your dog is pawing at his ears or shaking his head.
or beach. Young Ridgebacks and puppies need a lot of exercise, but they need it in safe places. The urge to chase is strong, and that impulse is likely to override any amount of training a young dog has had.
People who aren’t familiar with hounds and who are used to similar-size bird dogs such as the Retrievers, will find training a rough road. Just keep lessons short and frequent, and your sense of humor high.


22 January 2015


Rhodesian Ridgeback
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