It’s hard to categorize the Rhodesian Ridgeback. He’s a big dog, weighing as much as 45kg. He’s a fast runner but needs surprisingly little exercise. He has a strong protective instinct, but he rarely barks, even when someone’s at the door. He will put his well-muscled body between his human family before barking, snarling, or attacking. He tends to get along not only with other dogs but also with cats he lives with. Though strange cats he spots outdoors, however, are still seen as prey.
The Ridgeback can be a child’s best friend, though a dog of this size and power can be too much for the smallest children. Most Ridgies can learn to modulate that power when they’re around toddlers, but it’s up to adults to make sure dog and child are safe together.







22 January 2015


Rhodesian Ridgeback
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